Magic Facial Kit

$45.99 $34.99

Enhance your natural glow with our Magic Face Cleaner & Magic 2 in 1 Make up remover / Facial cleanser combo kit. The ultimate package for an ultimate deep clean. 

Best Results: Apply Magic Facial Cleanser on face & massage with your Magic Electric Face Cleaner. 

Magic Electric Face Cleaner. Made with soft Skin-friendly silicone material.

Long-lasting rechargeable battery, long service life . It is Fully waterproof.  With 6 style of vibration intensity you can be sure your skin will get seriously clean. Deep cleaning only takes 60 seconds. It can be adjusted, suitable for all skin types.

 Sonic pulsations deliver high frequency vibrations to unclog pores and effectively remove dirt, oil and makeup residue.


Magic 2 in 1 makeup remover/ facial cleanser effectively deep cleans removing all dirt, grime, dead cells and germs. Removes even the most stubborn makeup with ease.  Great for sensitive & acne prone skin . Calms redness, rashes and other skin infections. Infused with anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and calm eczema. Magic Skin Repair Raw Black soap has the ability to reduce blemishes and even out skin discolorations. Infused with Anti aging properties to keep away premature wrinkles and fine lines . Diminishes dark marks , reduces oily skin & unblocks pores.  Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

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