Founded in 2020 by Brittnei Blackwell, Magic Skin Repair. Our company was created with love and care by Brittnei, a mom from Brooklyn, New York , with Jamaican roots . She simply wanted her youthful vibrant skin back, after having two wonderful boys, she noticed like many woman after having children their bodies just didn't look the same any more. After trying what seems to be every product on the market available , with nothing working she decided to create her own 100 % organic, vegan, fair trade, Magic Skin Repair Serum. Finally! She found the Magic to eliminating her stretch marks & loose and saggy skin. She soon found her magical skin repair serum had so many more amazing benefits she decided to share her creation to the world, because she knows so many mothers, Dads, Children, Woman & Men all deal with some sort of skin issue within their lives & She wanted to be able to provide some serious help with real results for everyday people who can't afford to or simple don't want a risky surgery to remove or tighten skin! This is the solution!


Organic, cold pressed vegan products are our speciality. Handmade with love and care.

Every Day Real People Are Seeing Results!




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