How Do I Use My Magic Serum Oil?

Apply to a clean area on the face or body. In a circular motion , run in oil on the affected area . For best results use twice a day . 

If using with Derma Roller, Sterilize your Derma Roller then clean affected area , Apply Derma Roller to your skin in and up and down motion. Roll over area a few times , Apply Magic Skin Repair Oil to area for best results. 

How frequent should I use my Derma Roller?

The following shows up to how many times you can derma roll within a time period. Repeat procedure only after complete recovery of your skin.


For Face do it 1 to 5 times per week (starting with less frequency)

For Body Use your Derma Roller once to three times per  week

What Can be Expected After using my derma roller ?

After using your derma

Roller the skin would be slightly swollen and red for a couple of hours or less, much similar to sunburn.

You will experience some redness (minor erythema) for 2 to 3 days after using your derma rollerand it might lead to peeling of the skin. If that happens do not pick the skin or scratch it but rather apply Magic Skin Repair oil and rub it in the area in a circular motion. Please allow the dead skin to fall naturally on its own.

When can I expect results?

When you regularly follow the instructions and with patience and persistent you will see noticeable improvements within the first month of use. Best results after six months.