Magic Serum


 It’s time for glowing , healthy skin! Whether you’re struggling to lighten dark spots, acne scars, surgical scars,  keloid scars, and stretch marks,  or don’t know what to do about large pores, spider veins and cellulite. Don’t hide them with makeup or your clothes.  Treat your skin to the ultimate magic trick.

 Just a couple of drops every day to make all of your skin problems disappear! 


Our Magic Serum is thoughtfully formulated with a whole lot of love and care. Made with pure, potent essential oils and skin-loving botanicals, this magic serum is gentle enough for the face and body. Effectively prevents & diminishes existing stretch marks. Old & New stretch marks don't stand a chance ! Scars , keloid scars, wrinkles, cellulite, acne scars, dark spots are easily diminished. Reduces enlarged pores, in grown hair and razor bumps. Tightens & firms loose saggy skin. It is a fragrance free formula , free of perfumes, dyes and harmful chemicals . Perfect for sensitive skin. 

Excellent for women & men , safe for children . Suitable for all skin types 


 Organic cold pressed Rose Hip Oil, Organic Emu Oil, Dromaius novaehollandiae, Organic Wheat Germ oil, Organic centella asiatica & essential oils 


 1.Start by use our Magic Facial cleanser , wash/ dry 

2.Take a couple of drops of the magic serum and gently rub into skin , in a circular motion
3. Use with our Magic Derma Roller for best results



Results May Vary 











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